Creating supportive environment through capacity building is an effective model to increase nutritional behavior
Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences

Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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Creating supportive environment through capacity building is an effective model to increase nutritional behavior

9th International Congress on Nutrition & Health

February 20-21, 2017 Berlin, Germany

Mohammad Hafijul Islam

CARE, Bangladesh

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Abstract :

Statement of the Problem: In Bangladesh nutrition indicators are showing very poor among children and reproductive age (15-49) women. Total 36% (BDHS 2014) children <2 years of age is stunted, 14% (BDHS 2014) are wasted and in Sunamganj 49.5% (BDHS 2011) are suffering anemia, on the other hand total 42% at reproductive age women (ever married) are anemic. Half of total adolescents are stunted, 43% are anemic and among them one third are forced to marry before her 18th birth anniversary. The situation is worst in rural areas in Bangladesh, especially in haor (water logged) areas. The reason behind above context are many, e.g. poverty, low literacy rate, ignorance, women status in family and society, early marriage, food intake behavior, density of child birth and lack of access to service and availability of services. The nutrition at the center project of CARE Bangladesh is implementing its project at the two sub-district of Sunamganj that is practically water logged for half of the year. The aim of the project is to improve anemia among reproductive age women and stunting and anemia among children <2 years of age. One of the key strategies is building capacity of service providers, key community people, community support group members and representatives from local government. As a result of providing training, orientation and continuing on the job training on Maternal Infant and young child Nutrition (MIYCN), a supportive environment is created. The skills personnel are now providing and delivery message through various channel among the targeted population, e.g. counseling at EPI center, satellite clinic, Community Clinic, while visits household level. Relevant days are observed with importance (World Breastfeeding day, World Health Day and Safe Motherhood Day, etc.), and Iron Folic Acid (IFA) campaign along with awareness creation on nutritional behavior among adolescents girls at school is going on.

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