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Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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Aspects of mental health and its relation to nutritional intake in two community based hospital: Its importance in behavior

24th International Conference on Clinical Nutrition

March 04-06, 2019 | Barcelona, Spain

Jose Rodriguez Gomez

University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

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Abstract :

Introduction: Different specialists point out that modern diet could be changing deeply the architecture and functioning of our brain, which can influence the behavior of subjects. In Puerto Rico, due to inadequate nutritional intake, persons may have inadequate behavior, especially, those people who are nutritional deprived, thus, personality development can be altered, translated into an inability to recognize social regulation and be classified as deviants, with the usual negative implications of marginalization and criminality that can arise.

Method: We explore, main diagnostics, in two leading hospitalized patients psychiatric units of community-based hospitals in Puerto Rico, via secondary data analyses of the last year, to identify most prevalent mental health disorders and if they are related to nutritional patterns limitations.

Results: Major diagnoses of admissions to psychiatric units of community-based corresponding to affective mood disorders with a 53% (95% CI=41-72) and mental disorders, due to substances psychoactive abuse 19% (95% CI=11- 32). Dietary restrictions are correlated inversely and significantly (high-moderate correlation according to Champion (1981) r=-.56 (p<.05) with both main diagnoses.

Discussion: Limitations of nutritional intake reinforce an improper capacity of adequate access to a balanced diet in patients, factor that influence patient recovery of their conditions.

Conclusions: It is necessary to strength educational, public health trainings and to promote balanced diets in mental health hospital patient???s and professionals, in order to ensure a better recovery and diminished co-morbidities and mortality indexes.

Biography :

Jose Rodríguez Gomez, Doctor in Medicine, Gerontologist and Epidemiologist, is current Director of the Department of General Social Sciences at the Social Sciences Faculty of the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. He has Fellow status at the American College of Nutrition and is a Certify Nutrition Specialist, in USA. He has published over 115 peer-review academic articles in well know national and international journals. He has been in multiple editorial boards, research panels and governmental agencies as Consultant.

E-mail: [email protected]