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Marcus OW Grimm

Marcus OW Grimm

Marcus OW Grimm
Institute for Dementia Prevention (DIDP)
Saarland University, Germany


Dr. Marcus Grimm has received his PhD at the Center of Molecular Biology of the University of Heidelberg (ZMBH) 2006. After a post doc position at Prof.Konrad Beyreuther and Prof. Tobias Hartmann´s lab he is currently working as lab head in the German Institute for Dementia Prevention (DIDP) at the Saarland University. He is focusing in his work on the molecular mechanisms leading to Alzheimer´s disease and has authored several research articles/books including highly cited Nature Cell Biology research articles. He is a member of the GdCh, the GBM and the German Society for Neurogenetics and has been awarded with the Saarland University research price.

Research Interest

Lipid homeostasis
Neurodegenerative diseases(Alzheimer’s disease)
Molecular mechanisms leading to amyloidogenic pathways and plaque deposition in Alzheimer’s disease.
 Molecular biology Genomics & expression analysis (e.g. real time PCR, Affymetrix chips)
Biochemical assays (e.g. secretase assays, enzymatic assays in lipid metabolism)
Lipid analytics (e.g. chromatography (HPLC)
Mass spectroscopy (MS/MS), HPTLC)
Protein and cell biology (Abeta detection, WB/IP of AD relevant proteins, lipid protein interactions).
Alzheimer´s disease mouse models and cell culture systems.