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Journal of Tourism & Hospitality
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ISSN: 2167-0269

Editorial Board

Lei Wang, PhD
Executive Editor
Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism, School of Management, Department of Hospitality and Tourism
Taylor’s University, Malaysia, China

Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering
Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan

José Carmelo Adsuar, Doctorate
Executive Editor
Faculty of Sport Sciences, Department of Health, Economy, Motricity
University of Extremadura, Cáceres, Spain, Spain

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About the Journal

 Hospitality business is a rapidly growing and dynamic industry. Tourism and hospitality encompasses transportation, lodging, food, beverage, sightseeing, recreation and the associated industries. The growing competition and rise in consumer expectations have enforced gradual transformations in the industry which is compounded by advent of new technologies and dynamic corporate governance. In this context it is important for all the stake holders to have up to date knowledge involving multiple disciplines and share their explorations.

Journal of Tourism and Hospitality is an international peer reviewed journal which focuses on current trends presenting new interpretations of social, economic and environmental impacts of tourism and hospitality. The journal strives to bring to the forefront, the frontiers in the industry with major focus on the current happenings and research trends.

The journal apprises the stakeholders of tourism and hospitality industry with the latest developments, emerging challenges while facilitating the exchange of individual concepts and ideas and enables the current and prospective researchers to connect with people who run and manage the industry as well as policy makers.

With the overwhelming support of the editors, reviewers and contributing authors, the journal has successfully released several issues of articles since the year 2012 which function as a repository of systematic knowledgebase for identifying the emerging challenges, current research gaps as well as postulation of new research hypothesis/ proposals/programs.

All the manuscripts are screened by the eminent editorial board members who ensure quality and standard of the articles with relevance to the current research focus. The manuscripts are subjected to review and editorial processing prior to publication.


Articles published in Journal of Tourism & Hospitality have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Journal of Tourism & Hospitality has got h-index 19 , which means every article in Journal of Tourism & Hospitality has got 19 average citations.

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