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Journal of Tourism & Hospitality Volume 10, Issue 2 Evaluation of Virtual HangGliding Applications in Terms of Tourism with Swot Analysis Zehra Yardi, Emre Ozan Aksz The Effect of COVID 19 on Tourism Patricia Ghann Post Covid19 Medical Tourism Strategy for Business Revival Mohammad Afzal Siddiqui Exploring Visitors Subjectivities toward Authenticity of the Suzhou UNESCO Heritage Site Using QMethod ling Yu , Chulwon Kim , Hyungwoo Kim Community Capacity Strengthening for Inclusive CommunityBased Tourism Beatrice Imbaya , Nthiga RW Saudi Reforms Developing Tourism to Minimize Dependency on Oil and its Impact in the Society Masood Ahmed Managing Cultural Heritage Festivals towards Sustainable Tourism Development The Aegean Methexis Festival in Andros Island Psarrou Maria, Lavranos Charilaos, Vasiliki Georgoula Journal of Tourism & Hospitality World Tourism Telemedicine EHealth Business Case for the International Traveler Medical Assistance Provider the Insurance Company the Assistance Company and the EndUser David Hern Aindez Avil Acs A Rapid Appraisal of COVID19 on Global Tourism Stephen J Bakari Journal of Tourism & Hospitality Economics of Tourism From Space Tourism to Commercial Suborbital Travel Walter Peeters Hotel REITs Market Risks Book Value Market Capitalization and Time in Market Leonard Jackson Big Data in Tourism General Issues and Challenges Hailong Chen, Yi Liu , Kaiqi Chen Sustainable Ecotourism and Airship Travel Barry E Prentice, John Wilms Veganism and Vegan Consumption A Brief Review on how Vegan Products are Conquering the World Isabel Miguel, Arnaldo Coelho, Cristela Maia Bairrada Journal of Tourism & Hospitality Volume 10, Issue 5 A Review on Can Developing Ecotourism is a Panacea for the Betrayed Lake Hashenge and its Environs TigrayEthiopia Samuel Syraji Journal of Tourism & Hospitality Volume 11, Issue 2 Digital Food Service Application Its Influence and Challenges Faced by Consumers Atin Das, Balla Ushasri, Umesh Sharma Perception and Satisfaction of Tourist towards the Bihar as a Tourism Destination Sudheer Kumar An Overview on Cultural and Adventure Tourisms in India Kimmo Arana A Brief Note on Wildlife Tourism Alexon Danilo Measurement on Impulsive Consumption Behavior in Rural Tourism A Case of Lanzhou City Lili Pu, Xingpeng Chen, Chengpeng Lu, Li Jiang, Binbin Ma Journal of Tourism & Hospitality Volume 11, Issue 3 Hunting Vs Conservation of the Amur Falcon Livelihood Struggles in Nagaland India Neito U Mero, Prajna Paramita Mishra Health Protocols and Economic Impact of Dining Strip in Sapang 1 Ternate Cavite Basis for a Proposed Tourism Development Plan JR Ernesto Mandigma, N Correo Maria Michaela, F Dimdam Reinn Madeline, T Lyra Ivy Mansanadis Domestic Tourism Development Issues Constraints and Trends Kassegn Berhanu Melese An Analysis of Touristrsquos Perception towards Handicraft Tourism Development A Study on Channapattana Toy Town in Karnataka Mukunda BG Opportunities and Challenges for the Development of Sustainable Tourism to the Local Communities Temesgen Kasahun Assefa Journal of Tourism & Hospitality Volume 11, Issue 4 Beach Carrying Capacity at Touristic 3S Destinations Its Significance Projected Decreases and Adaptation Options under Climate Change Isavela N Monioudi, Adonis F Velegrakis A Tourism Destination Marketing Model for the Philippines Azucena Pallugna Benefits and Challenges of CommunityBased Tourism in Surigao Philippines Rodora B Olaivar, Ninia I Calaca Relationship between Local Youtube Travel Vlogs and Revisit Intention Preferences of Tourism Students of De La Salle UniversityDasmarintildeas Ernesto Mandigma, Belanio Jhealyn L, Apostol Paul Simon L, Barrera Ma Teresa L Musical Festivals and Cultural Tourism the Festival Della Valle drsquoItria as ldquoIdentity Heritagerdquo for the Renewal of Heritage Tourism Valentina Castronuovo, Anna Trono Journal of Tourism & Hospitality Volume 11, Issue 5 The Positive Effect of Tourism Development on Urban Liveability Chaoyue Cai ,Aosha Li , Rubin Yang, Jianxiong Tang Market Potential Opportunities and Challenges to Mainstreaming Advanced Air Mobility Adam Cohen Dimensions of Visitor Satisfaction at Attractions a study at Kakum National Park Ghana Cornelius Tengan, Augustine Kuusogre, Gordon Maayir, Richmond Sakyi Agro Tourism A Way for Livelihood Security of Farmers of Tumkur District of Karnataka Vishwanath Hanumantharaya, Savitha C Maheshaiah, Suresha Senapathi , Manjuprakash Marella Challenge for Tourist Prediction in the COVID19 Period Pawan Kumar Journal of Tourism & Hospitality Impacts on Tourism Management Dependence Structure between Tourist Arrivals of Inbound Tourism Markets inSouth Korea Choi KiHong MiniReview Planning and Preparation for Cruising Infrastructure Cuba as aCase Study John Nyberg, Matthew Rice Challenges Facing Domestic Tourism PromotionA case of Serengeti NationalParkTanzania Stephen Jeuma Bakari Vietnamese Tourist Satisfaction in AgroTourism A Case Study at Tra Que Village Quang Nam Province Viet Nam Ha Van Trung, Suchint Simaraks World Cruises A Perspective of Transportation Geography Xumao Li , Chengjin Wang