Journal of Pharmacological Reports

Journal of Pharmacological Reports
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Editorial Board

Yu-Cheng Kuo
Professor, Department of Pharmacology
Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

Pamela Elizabeth Potter
Professor, Department of Pharmacology
Midwestern University, USA

Lihong Chen
Professor, Department of Pharmacology
University of Pennsylvania, USA

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About the Journal

Journal of Pharmacological Reports is a peer-reviewed and open access journal focusing on studies pertaining to, but not limited to drug reactions, drug efficacy evaluations, drug-interactions, pattern of drug usage, herbal medicines, randomized control trials, case control studies, cross-sectional studies and cohort studies.

The journal collates wide sources of information in pharmacology from all across the world and serves as a compendium of knowledge in pharmacology which can be easily accessed by physicians, surgeons, medical scientists, public health professionals, medical students, clinicians, lab researchers, academicians and industry for keeping themselves updated and also to formulate further research hypothesis.

The journal also accepts analysis and interpretation of population based registries, clinical database, general practice research database and administrative data as well as the emerging challenges in healthcare sector such as drug delivery; estimation of therapeutic value and efficacy of the drugs.


Articles published in Journal of Pharmacological Reports have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Journal of Pharmacological Reports has got h-index 8 , which means every article in Journal of Pharmacological Reports has got 8 average citations.

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