Journal of Pharmacological Reports | Longdom Publishing SL Longdom Publishing SL specializes in digital advertising to help clients inform and attract new customers quickly and efficiently. Journal of Pharmacological Reports Volume 5, Issue 3 Myocardial Ischemia Symptoms Causes and Complications Toru Takeo Immunosuppressants Oonagh Markey Behccedilet39s Disease ASM Ali Reza A Brief Note on Pharmacokinetics Andrew Odegaard Mode of Drug Action Jeffrey Lipman Journal of Pharmacological Reports Volume 6, Issue 4 Drug Finding in Modern Optimization of Small Molecules Ingo Muegge Combined Evidence from Individual Cases over Half a Hundred Years Collected Globally Sarah Watson Toxicology in pharmaceuticals reducing animal use while maximizing human translation Huh A Steple A Basic Overview of How Drugs Work ROY KRISHNA Journal of Pharmacological Reports Volume 5, Issue 4 Mechanism of Action of FirstLine Anti Tubercular Medicines That Cause Adverse Drug Reactions Faisal Imam Prevalence of HIV Setting Emergency Room Visits for Adults Related to Adverse Drug Reactions Karen Cohen Analysis of Adverse Medical Reaction Alexander Statsyuk Journal of Pharmacological Reports Volume 5, Issue 5 Dress Syndrome with a typical cholecystitis in a female child Review of literature F Chahed, NBen Fadhel, H Ben Romdhane, Z Chadli1 , HBesbes , NA Boughattas, N Ben Fredj and K Aouam On the basis of their metabolic enzymes there are drugdrug interactions between salvianolate injection and aspirin Wanthong Zhangh Chemo genetics is causing a paradigm shift in the study of behavioural circuits and brain mechanisms that underpin drug action Hiryuki Arakwa Unfavorable Drug Responses in an HIVInfected Population Karen Cohen Journal of Pharmacological Reports Volume 5, Issue 6 An Overview of Pharmacology Pamela Elizabeth Potter Interactions Between Different Drugs Lihong Chen What is Epigenetics and What its Type YuCheng Kuo What is Drug Reactions and What its Side Effect Guangrui Yang