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Wenting Liu

Wenting Liu


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    Investigation of Cells Migration Effects in Microfluidic Chips
    Author(s): Yu-Sheng Lin, Wenting Liu and Chunfei HuYu-Sheng Lin, Wenting Liu and Chunfei Hu

    Microfluidic chips offer the unique opportunity to establish novelty in vitro cells models where the in vivo cells microenvironment could be precisely reconstituted. Although they have significances in the fields of cell biology, the real applications are extremely limited by ambient materials for cells culture, i.e., cells morphology and migration are greatly influenced by substrate material. In this study, we investigated the cells migration effects in four kinds of microfluidic chips with the same geometry. They are PDMS mold structures bonded on culture dish, glass slide, and PDMS substrates, respectively, and another PMMA mold structure bonded on PMMA substrate. For convenient description, we denoted these four chips as PDMS-DISH, PDMS-GLASS, PDMS-PDMS, and PMMA-PMMA, respectively. We compared and summarized the relationship of cells migration effects on different substrate. The .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7064.1000345

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