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Articles published in Journal of Chromatography & Separation Techniques have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Journal of Chromatography & Separation Techniques has got h-index 21, which means every article in Journal of Chromatography & Separation Techniques has got 21 average citations.

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Journal total citations count 1753
Journal impact factor 4.34
Journal 5 years impact factor 5.76
Journal cite score 5.87
Journal h-index 21
Journal h-index since 2018 13
Important citations (742)

synthesis of activated carbon from eichhronia crassipes plant as adsorbent for the removal of phenol from aqueous solution

Removal of phenol and chlorine from wastewater using steam activated biomass soot and tire carbon black

Phenetic analysis of senna obtusifolia (l.) hs irwin and barneby provenance, prospecting greater availability of its bioactive principle

Antifeedant effect of sickle extract on soybean looper chrysodeixis includes (lepidoptera: noctuidae).

phytochemical composition of ecballium elaterium extracts with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities: comparison among leaves, flowers and fruits

Effects of different pretreatments and seed coat on dormancy and germination of seeds of senna obtusifolia (l.) hs irwin & barneby (fabaceae)

Detection and quantification of multiclass antibiotic residues in poultry products using solid-phase extraction and high-performance liquid chromatography

Automated high-throughput analysis of multi-class multi-residue pharmaceutical drugs in animal tissue using solid phase microextraction

Development, optimization, and validation of methods for quantification of veterinary drug residues in complex food matrices using liquid-chromatography—a review

Production and application of a monoclonal antibody (mab) against ofloxacin in milk, chicken and pork

Research and reviews: journal of pharmaceutical quality assurance

Experimental and theoretical determination of henry's law constant for polychlorinated biphenyls: its dependence on solubility and degree of chlorination

Linking environmental exposure with public health: dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane extracted from soils and water of recently exposed communities of selected locations in zambia

Integrated nanozero valent iron and biosurfactant-aided remediation of pcb-contaminated soil

casein and whey protein in the breast milk ratio: could it promote protein metabolism enhancement in physically active adults?

Optimizing the physical properties of vascular targeted carriers for maximum efficacy in inflammatory disease

Determination of agmatine rate by spectrofluorimetric method in alkaline medium: optimization and application on shrimp

Development and validation of hptlc method for estimation of dof etilide in pharmaceutical dosage form and determination of its degradation profile by ms-ms method. - document

novel high-throughput quantitation of potent herg blocker dofetilide in human plasma by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry: application in a phase 1 ecg biomarker validation study

Development and validation of a uplc-ms/ms analytical method for dofetilide in mouse plasma and urine, and its application to pharmacokinetic study