Mass Spectrometry & Purification Techniques

Mass Spectrometry & Purification Techniques
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Affinity Purification

Affinity Purification is a method of separating biochemical mixtures based on a highly specific interaction such as that between antigen and antibody, enzyme and substrate, or receptor and ligand. Most purification methods, however, involve some form of chromatography whereby molecules in solution are separated based on differences in chemical or physical interaction with a stationary material. Gel filtration (size-exclusion chromatography or SEC) uses a porous resin material to separate molecules based on size. In ion exchange chromatography, molecules are separated according to the strength of their overall ionic interaction with a solid phase material.

Affinity chromatography is unique purification technology. Affinity Purification is the only technique that enables the purification of biomolecule based on the biological function or individual chemical structure. Purification will be time-consuming, difficult or even impossible using other techniques can often be easily achieved with affinity chromatography. The technique can be used to separate active biomolecules from denatured or functionally different forms, to isolate pure substances present at low concentration in large volumes of crude sample and also to remove specific contaminants.

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