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Thomas Letzel

Thomas Letzel
Analytical Research Group, Chair of Urban Water Systems Engineering,
TU Munchen, Am Coulombwall, 85748 Garching

  • Review Article
    The Software-Landscape in (Prote)Omic Research
    Author(s): Michael Krappmann, Marco Luthardt, Frank Lesske and Thomas LetzelMichael Krappmann, Marco Luthardt, Frank Lesske and Thomas Letzel

    (Bio)Informatics plays a major role in (prote)omic research experiments and applications. Analysis of an entire proteome including protein identification, protein quantification, detecting biological pathways, metabolite identification and others is not possible without software solutions for analyzing the resulting huge data sets. In the last decade plenty of software-tools, -platforms and databases have been developed by vendors of analytical hardware, as well as by freeware developers and the open source software community. Some of these software packages are very much specialized for one (omic) topic, as for example genomics, proteomics, interactomics or metabolomics. Other software tools and platforms can be applied in a more general manner, e.g. for generating workflows, or performing data conversion and data management, or statistics. Nowadays the main problem is not to find ou.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/jpb.1000365

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