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Swati Sinha

Swati Sinha
Indian Statistical Institute,

  • Research Article
    Performance and Evaluation of MicroRNA Gene Identification Tools
    Author(s): Swati Sinha, T.S. Vasulu and Rajat K. DeSwati Sinha, T.S. Vasulu and Rajat K. De

    MicroRNAs are small single stranded RNA molecules o f ~ 22 nt in length which play important role in po st transcriptional gene regulation either by translati onal repression of mRNA or by their cleavage. Since their discovery, continuous efforts to identify the miRNA genes led to the discovery of several miRNAs in plants as wel l as animals. Owing to the limitations of the molecular genetic t echniques of miRNA identification, computational ap proaches were introduced for better and affordable in silico- miRNA predictions. Here, we compared a few miRNA ge ne identification tools, such as ‘MiPred’, ‘Triplet-SVM ’, ‘BayesMiRNAfind’, ‘OneClassmiRNAfind’and ‘BayesSVMmiRNAfind’ to evaluate the performance of its predictability based on the real and pseudo pre cursor miRNA dat.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/jpb.1000093

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