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Song Ge

Song Ge


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    Limited Polymorphisms between Two Whole Plastid Genomes in the Genus Zizania (Zizaniinae)
    Author(s): Zhiqiang Wu, Cuihua Gu, Luke R Tembrock and Song GeZhiqiang Wu, Cuihua Gu, Luke R Tembrock and Song Ge

    Plastids, originated from cyanobacteria through endosymbiosis, contain their own DNA genome (plastome), and are uniparentally inherited in most of plant species. In this study, we reported the complete plastome sequence of Manchurian wild rice (Zizania latifolia) obtained by traditional Sanger sequencing and compared it with the previously published plastome of North America wild rice (Z. aquatica) from the same genus. The plastome of Z. latifolia has a total sequence length of 136,461 bp exhibiting a typical circular structure including a pair of 20,878 bp inverted repeats (IRa, b) separated by a large single-copy region (LSC) of 82,115 bp and a small single-copy region (SSC) of 12,590 bp, and it is only 97 bp longer than North America wild rice. The gene content, order, and orientation are similar to all other grass species. Four junctions in two plastome structures are exactly the .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/jpb.1000377

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