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S. Chakraborty

S. Chakraborty
Indian Institute of Technology,

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    Proteomics in the Light of Integral Value Transformations
    Author(s): Sk. S. Hassan, P. Pal Choudhury and S. ChakrabortySk. S. Hassan, P. Pal Choudhury and S. Chakraborty

    In this paper, proteomics have been studied in the light of Integral Value Transformations (IVTs) which was introduced in. For case study, a Human olfactory receptor OR1D2 protein sequence has been considered as the initial sequence and then different IVTs have been used to evolve OR1D2 into some other proteomic sequences. As ensued, it has been found that some of the generated sequences have been mapped to another olfactory receptor in Human or in some other species. Also it has been corroborated through fractal dimension that some of the fundamental protein properties have been nearly intact. Thus, we propose a methodology via which proteins having the same properties can be connected or grouped. This study will help to comprehend proteomic evolutionary network through IVTs. .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/jpb.1000237

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