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Robert Clark

Robert Clark

RTI International,  Research Triangle Park, USA

 Robert F. Clark is a senior genetic epidemiologist who has been conducting research in many areas of genetics and genomics since 1992. Dr. Clark's has expertise in the genetics of neurodegenerative disease (especially of Alzheimer's disease), of cancer (especially of the brain, breast, and bone), of degenerative disc disease, and of psychiatric disorders (especially of addiction). He has performed research with model organisms (fly and mouse), genetic linkage and association studies, positional cloning, microarray, and system genetics. Dr. Clark is particularly interested in the genetics of complex diseases and the use of genome-wide association studies and systems genetics to dissect these diseases. He has a great research interest in cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, psychiatric disorders, and obesity.
Research Interest

 Cancer, Neurodegenerative diseases, Psychiatric disorders, Obesity, Biochemistry

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