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Philip Cooley

Philip Cooley
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  • Research Article
    Genetic Inheritance and Genome Wide Association Statistical Test Performance
    Author(s): Philip Cooley, Robert Clark, Ralph Folsom and Grier PagePhilip Cooley, Robert Clark, Ralph Folsom and Grier Page

    The choice of a statistical method significantly affects the power profiles of Genome Wide Association (GWA) predictions. Previous simulation studies of a single synthetic phenotype marker determined that the gene model or mode of inheritance (MOI) was a major influence on power. In this paper, the authors compare the power profiles of GWA statistical methods that combine MOI specific methods into multiple test scenarios against individual methods that may or not assume a MOI gene model consistent with the marker that predicts the association. Combining recessive, additive and dominant individual tests, and using either the Bonferroni Correction method or the MAX test (Li et al., 2008) has power implications with respect to single test GWA-based methods. If the gene model behind the associated phenotype is not known, a multiple test procedure could have significant advantages with res.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/jpb.1000159

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