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Octávio L. Franco

Octávio L. Franco
Centre for Proteomic and Biochemical Analysis, Graduate Studies in Biotechnology and Genomic Sciences,
SGAN 916 North Avenue W5-Module C-Room 222, PO Box 70790-160-Brasilia, DF-Brazil

  • Review Article
    Elucidating Novel Bacterial Targets and Designing Unusual Antimicrobial Peptides: Two Faces of the Same Proteomic Coin
    Author(s): Octávio L. FrancoOctávio L. Franco

    Antibiotics are essential compounds used for the control of bacterial infectious diseases. Resistance to antibiotics has become a worldwide public health problem. Therefore, effective therapy in treating resistant bacteria is essential and, to accomplish this, a comprehensive understanding of mechanisms that trigger drug resistance must be sought. The development of novel pharmacies, here focused on antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), has also been a remarkable challenge. To fill the manifold gaps that remain in clarifying bacterial resistance as well in the discovery of novel peptides with antimicrobial properties, proteomic tools have been pioneeringly used. In this context, this review focuses on novel proteomics techniques, on novel bacterial targets that could be used for drug design and on multiple AMPs found in different organisms. Moreover, the many difficulties and pitfalls in thi.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/jpb.S8-001

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