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Luigi Messori

Luigi Messori

Department of Chemistry University of Florence Italy

  Luigi Messori was born in Florence, on March 25, 1958. PhD in Chemical Sciences (1987), Assistant professor (1989) and then Associate Professor in General and Inorganic Chemistry (2004), he is a member of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Florence.   His main research interests are in the field of bioinorganic chemistry. In a first period he focused his attention on the solution behaviour of metalloproteins, with emphasis on metal carrier proteins (transferrins and metallothionein) and selected zinc enzymes (carbonic anhydrase, carboxypeptidase) using paramagnetic NMR as the election technique. Then, his research interests moved to consider the role of Metals in Medicine. In particular, he directed his attention towards antitumor metal complexes (mainly ruthenium and gold complexes) and their interactions with proteins. He is active within COST Actions concerning Metal based Drugs. He has given several lectures in Italy and abroad on the above topics
Research Interest

Bioinorganic chemistry, metalloproteins, anti-cancer agents and Cancer Biology

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