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    A Genome Based Discovery of S. mansoni Secretome to Identify Therapeutic Targets
    Author(s): Mandage RH, Jadhavrao PK, Wadnerkar AS, Varsale AR and Kurwade KKMandage RH, Jadhavrao PK, Wadnerkar AS, Varsale AR and Kurwade KK

    The motivation behind the large scale genome analysis of S. mansoni was to explore the possibility of discovering the secretome that is frequently secreted at the interface of parasite and host is supposed to play a crucial role in parasitism by suppressing the immune response, to aid the proliferation of infectivity. Here, we present an efficient pipeline of bioinformatics methodology to identify candidate parasitism proteins within S. mansoni secretome of immune responses in the infected host. The 3,700 proteins deduced from the S. mansoni genome were analysed for the presence or absence of secretory signal peptides. We identified 32 proteins carrying an N-terminal secreted signal peptide but deficient in extra membrane-anchoring moieties. Notably we identified proteins involved in ATP synthesis, redox balance, protein folding, gluconeogenesis, development and signaling, scavenging .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/jpb.1000168

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