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Kristine Hill

Kristine Hill

Centre for Plant Integrative Biology University of Nottingham Nottingham UK

Kristine Hill is a plant biologist with a background in molecular and biochemical techniques. Her broad research interests lie in understanding the molecular mechanisms by which plants develop and respond to environmental input particularly interested in the molecular mechanisms that govern transcriptional regulation, and how posttranslational modifications effect transcription factor function. Her previous research has focused on transcription factors involved in plant embryogenesis (University of Kentucky) and cytokinin signalling (Dartmouth College, USA). she joined CPIB in 2012 and is using Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) to map the DNA-binding sites of transcription factors involved in root development and working with mathematical modellers to better understand the fine temporal control of auxin responsive gene expression during gravitropism.
Research Interest

Biochemistry, Analytical techniques, molecular biology and Chromatin immunoprecipitation

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