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Kapil Verma

Kapil Verma
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  • Review Article
    Base of a Research: Good Clinical Practice in Clinical Trials
    Author(s): Kapil VermaKapil Verma

    This article illustrates the importance of Good Clinical Practice (GCP), defines and outlines the goals of GCP, presents a historical perspective on GCP and Outlines FDA regulations relating to GCP. Ongoing research shows that whether conducting research involving a new drug, a behavioral intervention, or an interview/survey, Good Clinical Practice (GCP) provides investigators and their study teams with the tools to protect human subjects and collect quality data. In this article, the author will define GCP, explain the benefits of following GCP for all types of human research and clinical trial studies, and provide some resources to assist investigators in implementing the tenets of GCP for their own research studies. This article reviews the impact of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) on clinical trials. GCP is likely to follow the International Conference on Harmonization of GCP guideli.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0870.1000128

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