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Huseyin Seker

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    Preliminary Investigations into the Binding Interactions between Plasmodial and Host Proteins using Computational Approaches
    Author(s): Norbert Nwankwo and Huseyin SekerNorbert Nwankwo and Huseyin Seker

    Post-genomic scientists are left with large deposit of genomic and proteomic information such as peptides and protein residues for analysis. For example, one species of Plasmodium called falciparum has been recognized to have more than 4,600 peptides which are assembled into over 700 proteins, and human genome is identified to possess as much as 20,000-25,000 protein-coding genes. These proteins and peptides, acquired as a result of mutations require constant re-appraisal for purposes designing therapeutic interventions and improving on our wellbeing. Clinical approaches to assessing these vast data are expensive, resource and time consuming, laborious, and arduous. As a result, computational approaches have become necessary as they will streamline, re-strategise and rationalize preliminary clinical assessment procedures that are being employed in the search for drugs and vaccines. .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/jpb.1000200

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