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Hadear H Amin

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    Red Cabbage and Turmeric Extracts as Potential Natural Colors and Antioxidants Additives in Stirred Yogurt
    Author(s): Samah M Shalaby and Hadear H AminSamah M Shalaby and Hadear H Amin

    Background and Objective: The benefits of using natural colors in foods are many such as they are strong antioxidant, safe and get from renewable sources. Generally natural pigments do not cause any health problems; conversely, they may act as a health improvement. So, the objectives of this study are using natural colors and antioxidant from aqueous extracts of red cabbage and turmeric in the preparation of stirred yogurt. In addition, study the effects of these extracts on the quality characteristic of the obtained stirred yogurt. Methodology: Four natural extracts were prepared by using only distilled water; red cabbage juice, aqueous extracts of anthocyanin, aqueous extracts of turmeric and aqueous extract of curcumin. The inoculated milk was dived into five portions, control and four treatments fortified with 10% of prepared natural color .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-8901.1000206

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