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H. Karthick

H. Karthick


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    Structure Based Drug Designing for Diabetes Mellitus
    Author(s): K. Ramanathan, H. Karthick and N. ArunK. Ramanathan, H. Karthick and N. Arun

    In recent years much work has been invested in to developing computer algorithms to facilitate research in the field of molecular biology. A large focus has been on structure based drug designing. In this work we address a specific suitable ligand for diabetes mellitus. We have been retrieved that the Gene and Protein which is responsible for diabetes mellitus and target binding site has been identified. The list of drugs are retrieved which are used to treat diabetes mellitus and the best drug ligand has been identified based on molecular docking. We also described that the hydrophobic activity of the ligand. Finally we have observed that the ligand acetohexamide has the highest hydrophobic activity when compared with other drugs. These findings suggest the possible involvement of systematic mechanism of drug designing process... View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/jpb.1000157

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