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Galina V. Glazko

Galina V. Glazko


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    Large Scale Chemical Cross-linking Mass Spectrometry Perspectives
    Author(s): Boris L. Zybailov, Galina V. Glazko, Mihir Jaiswal and Kevin D. RaneyBoris L. Zybailov, Galina V. Glazko, Mihir Jaiswal and Kevin D. Raney

    The spectacular heterogeneity of a complex protein mixture from biological samples becomes even more difficult to tackle when one’s attention is shifted towards different protein complex topologies, transient interactions, or localization of PPIs. Meticulous protein-by-protein affinity pull-downs and yeast-two-hybrid screens are the two approaches currently used to decipher proteome-wide interaction networks. Another method is to employ chemical cross-linking, which gives not only identities of interactors, but could also provide information on the sites of interactions and interaction interfaces. Despite significant advances in mass spectrometry instrumentation over the last decade, mapping Protein-Protein Interactions (PPIs) using chemical cross-linking remains time consuming and requires substantial expertise, even in the simplest of systems. While robust methodologies and so.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/jpb.S2-001

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