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Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics
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G Wayne Zhou

G Wayne Zhou

Department of Biological Sciences Louisiana State University Baton Rouge USA

• Ph. D. degree in biochemistry and biophysics • More than 15 years’ experience on R & D of expression profiling, assay development, clinical biomarker / targets identification, validation and implementation, and R & D of structure-function study and on planning and execution of protein purification in large scale GLP/GMP production in both medical school and biotech companies; • Led a group scientists (postdocs, Ph. D. students, technicians, IT experts, scientists, physicians) develop a clinical biomarker / target identification technique —DAMA staining for personalized medicine / companion diagnosis, at the strategy level, grant application level as well as at the detailed technical levels. • Project leader for cross-functional teams, including scientists, software engineers, physicians, surgeons and pathologists, on development clinical IHC assay kits for the diagnosis and prognosis of breast and prostate cancer, at all stages of assay development, analytic validation and clinical validation • Project leader for the development of a series of protein microarray products / protein profiling products for Hypromatrix Inc, as well as a scientific advisor and consultant. • Project leader for the structure and function study of phosphatases, kinases on cancer and diabetes development, and the identification and validation of potential inhibitors with structure-based drug design;
Research Interest

Cancer Research, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology

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