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Ebtisam M Al-Ali

Ebtisam M Al-Ali

Ebtisam M Al-Ali, Research Assistant, Kuwait University Kuwait

Ebtesam M. Al-Ali has completed her BSC Studies at 1993 from Kuwait University Worked for Kuwait University in their Microbiology Department for one year as Research Assistant, then joined KISR on October 5, 1993 as Research Assistant at the Biotechnology Department with the molecular genetics group. she led 5  projects, she has published more than 5 papers in reputed journals and international conferences. Her field of experience, in plant virus detection, primer design, cloning and sequencing.
Research Interest

Molecular genetics, Plant virus detection, primer design, cloning and sequencing, ELISA, DNA Extraction, PCR Amplification, RCA Rolling Circle Amplification, TYLCV detection on tomatoes

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