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Biqing Chen

Biqing Chen
College of Life Sciences,

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    Reconstruction of Local Biochemical Reaction Network Based on Human Chromosome 9 Sequence Data
    Author(s): Biqing ChenBiqing Chen

    Metabolic networks are complex and highly interconnected, thus systems-level computational approaches are required to elucidate and to understand metabolic genotype-phenotype relationships. This paper has manually reconstructed the local human metabolic network based on DNA sequence data of human chromosome nine. Herein the paper describes the reconstruction process and discusses how the resulting chromosome-scale (or local) network differs from genome-scale ones. The underestimated results have revealed many gaps in the current understanding of human metabolism that require future experimental investigation. They also suggest possible problems arising from local reconstruction based on partial genome data. The study suggests further applications enabled by reconstruction of human metabolic network. The establishment of this network represents a step toward genome-scale human systems .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/jpb.1000172

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