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Banach M

Banach M


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    Structural Role of Hydrophobic Core in Proteins-Selected Examples
    Author(s): Banach M, Kalinowska B, Konieczny L and Roterman IBanach M, Kalinowska B, Konieczny L and Roterman I

    This paper discusses the sequence/structure relation. The core question concerns the degree to which similar sequences produce similar structures and vice versa. A mechanism by which similar sequences may result in dissimilar structures is proposed, based on the Fuzzy Oil Drop (FOD) model in which structural similarity is estimated by analyzing the protein’s hydrophobic core. We show that local changes in amino acid sequences, in addition to producing local structural alterations at the substitution site, may also change the shape of the hydrophobic core, significantly affecting the overall tertiary conformation of the protein. Our analysis focuses on four sets of proteins: 1) Pair of designer proteins with specially prepared sequences; 2) Pair of natural proteins modified (mutated) to converge to a point of high-level sequence identity while retaining their respective wild-type.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/jpb.1000416

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