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Asifa Ahmed

Asifa Ahmed


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    MUTATER: Tool for the Introduction of Custom Position Based Mutations in Protein and Nucleotide Sequences
    Author(s): Azeem Mehmood Butt and Asifa AhmedAzeem Mehmood Butt and Asifa Ahmed

    MUTATER is an innovative computer based tool that has been designed to create custom mutations in Protein and Nucleotide sequences. It has the ability to work on both protein and nucleotide sequences, and in both cases, inputs are given by the user in RAW format. Then user has to define the position of Mutation and the amino acid / nucleotide change that is required at that specific position(s) in the sequence files. The output is been shown in the box with an option to save newly formed sequence file and also displays the changes that are being made in a separate Change Box. Thus it serves as a Basic but completely Novel and unique tool when it comes to create Mutations and changes in Sequence files. MUTATER has been developed in C # and is fully compatible with Windows based PCs and is freely available at the website. .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/jpb.1000094

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