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Ariana Kariminejad

Ariana Kariminejad

Kariminejad & Najmabadi Pathology and Genetics Center Tehran Iran

Dr. Ariana Kariminejad is the head of the Clinical Genetics Department of Kariminejad-Najmabadi Pathology & Genetics Center.  She received her medical doctorate from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 2006.  She spent six months training in chorionic villi and amniotic fluid culturing in University of San Francisco California and upon her return set up this technique for the first time in Iran at Kariminejad Pathology & Genetics Center in 1986.  She has attended the 7th Course of European School of Medical Genetics in 1994, 8th summer school of Myology in 2005, hybrid course in genetic counseling in 2006. She worked as Supervisor of Cytogenetic Division of Prenatal diagnosis Pathology (1986-1998)  and Genetic Center and continued as Supervisor of Clinical Genetics, Pathology and Genetic Center, Tehran Iran, 2006-present. She is the author of more than 60 articles in international journals in the subjects of medical genetics, dysmorphology, cytogenetics and genetic counseling.
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Clinical Genetics, Pathology, Genetic Counselling, Medical Genetics

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