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Achim Brunner

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    ICPL_ESIQuant - a Powerful Freeware Tool for Handling Proteomics LCESI- MS2 Experiments
    Author(s): Achim Brunner, Josef Kellermann and Friedrich LottspeichAchim Brunner, Josef Kellermann and Friedrich Lottspeich

    Among the MS-based quantitative methods using stable isotope labelling, the Isotope-Coded Protein Label (ICPL) technique has emerged as a powerful tool to identify and relatively quantify thousands of proteins within complex protein mixtures. The ICPL_ESIQuant 3.0 software package is one of the key components of the ICPL-ESI workflow, covering data processing steps like LC-MS feature detection, ICPL doublet/triplet/quadruplet quantification as well as a merging step of LC-MS features and Mascot search results. As unique features, the software performs isotope pattern overlap corrections and utilizes additional chemical knowledge, e.g. the physico-chemical properties of the ICPL labels, to discard false positive isotope pattern, which significantly improves the quality of the final peptide and protein results. ICPL_ESIQuant is the first freeware tool on the market, which suppor.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/jpb.1000250

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