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Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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Product Development and Sensory Evaluation of Value Added Food Products Made by Incorporating Dried Cauliflower Green Leaves

Ambika Chauhan and Inteli

Brassica oleracea L.var.botrytis is one of the most common and popular vegetable grown in India but still, neglected by people in their consumption pattern. In view of this, an attempt was made to utilize (cauliflower greens) to develop low cost fiber rich products for people suffering from micronutrient deficiency and to assess the sensory quality of developed products. The fresh collected cauliflower green leaves were washed and sun dried for 5-7 days to dry them. Three recipes (pancake, dhokla and idli) were supplemented with 2 g and 5 g DCGLP per serving and sensory evaluation was done with the help of 9 point hedonic rating scale in reference to appearance, taste, texture and Flavour by 9 panels of semi trained judges. Biochemical analysis of DCGLP revealed moisture 3.4 percent, protein 21.6 percent, crude fiber 10.23 gm and iron 62 mg (values as per 100 gm). The prepared recipes were found to be acceptable at 2 g incorporation of DCGLP. It was concluded that increase in the incorporation of DCGLP in recipes was decreasing acceptability. DCGLP, due to its high iron content can be used as supplement to make low cost iron rich recipes.