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Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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Predictors of Chronic Under Nutrition (Stunting) Among Children Aged 6-23 Months in Kemba Woreda, Southern Ethiopia: A Community Based Cross-Sectional Study

Eskezyiaw Agedew and Tefera Chane

Background: Stunting is a public health problem in developing countries. Stunting (deficit in height/length for age of at least -2 Z score) affects close to 195 million children under five years of age in the developing world. Chronic under nutrition is a major cause of disability preventing children who survive from reaching their full developmental potential.
Objective: To assess chronic under nutrition (Stunting) and associated factors among Children aged 6-23 months in Southern Ethiopia.
Methods: Community based cross-sectional study was carried out among 562 mothers who have young child from 6-23 months in 2014/15 in Kemba Woreda by using pre tested and structured questioners. Bivariate and multivariate analyses were conducted by SPSS version 20 and finally result was interpreted, compared and discussed with different recently published scientific journal.
Results: The study revealed that out of 562 children, 18.7%; 95% C.I (15.6-22.1) of children were stunted, or chronically undernourished (i.e. HAZ ≤ 2Z-score). In multiple logistic regressions, boys [AOR: 2.50; 95% CI(1.60- 4.01)],older mothers [AOR: 2.60; 95% CI (1.07-6.35)], mothers who have no formal education [AOR: 2.76; 95% CI (1.63-4.69)], mothers who work as daily workers [AOR: 3.06; 95% CI (1.03-9.12)] and have Private work activity(merchant, farmers) [AOR: 2.39; 95% CI (1.61-3.53)], mothers who have no post natal follow up [AOR: 1.64; 95% CI (1.05-2.55)] and maternal illness encountered after delivery [AOR: 1.56; 95% CI (1.05-2.32)] were identified as significant independent predictors of childhood stunting.
Conclusion and Recommendation: A significant number of young child develop chronic malnutrition in this critical periods. Stunting was significantly associated with the illiterate mothers, mothers who work as daily workers and Private work, those has no post natal follow up and maternal illness encountered after delivery. An organized effort should be made at all levels to solve the problems of chronic under nutrition (stunting) in children.