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Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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Phytochemicals, Nutritonal Constituents, Anti-bacterial and Hypoglycemic Activity of Aegle Marmelos Lin. Leaf Extract in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats

Asaduzzaman M, Lutfun Nahar, Fazley Rabbi M, Mahadi Hasan, Anowara Khatun, Zinat Tamannaa, Rasel Molla M, Abdur Rashid Mia, Noor Rahman Dastagir, Shyam Sundar Shaha, Maniruzzaman M, Manobendro Nath Ray, Najem Uddin M and Mobassirul Islam M

Aegle marmelos is a popular medicinal plant in the Ayurvedic and siddha systems of medicine and folk medicines used to dreat a wide variety of ailments. Aegle marmelos is locally known as “Bael” found everywhere in Bangladesh and many other countries of the world. The nutritional composition of Aegle marmelos leaves was determined by standard method. The proximate composition of leaves revealed moisture (infant 37.80 gm%, mature 40.01 gm% and ripen 32.50 gm%), ash (infant 0.012 gm%, mature 0.82 gm% and ripen 0.75 gm%), pH (infant 6.30, mature 6.00 and ripen 6.15), total sugar (infant 0.9 gm%, mature 1.9 gm% and ripen 1.7 gm%), reducing sugar (infant 0.30 gm%, mature 0.90 gm% and ripen 0.75 gm%), non-reducing sugar (infant 0.57 gm% mature 0.95 gm% and ripen 0.90 gm %), starch (infant 0.8 gm%, mature 2.5 gm% and ripen 2.0 gm%), crude fiber (infant 8.1 gm%, mature 11.0 gm% and ripen 9.5 gm%). Vitamin C for (infant, mature and ripen leaves contain 3.5 gm%, 7.1 gm%, 6.0 gm%) respectively. Total phenol present in (1.9 gm%, 5.01 gm%, 3.99 gm% for infant, mature and ripen) respectively. The leaves also contain negligible amount of cholesterol. The leaves also contain sodium (infant 2.5%, mature 7.0% and ripen 6.5%), Potassium (infant 1.52%, mature 5.001% and ripen 3.99%), Calcium (infant 0.001%, mature 0.25% and ripen 0.21%), Phosphorous (infant 3.5%, mature 7.82% and ripen 7.11%) etc. This experiment also showed significantly reduction of blood glucose level of diabetic rats (P<0.001). A large number of populations in Bangladesh have been suffering from malnutrition. For the ignorance of people, they don’t know the nutritive value of different kinds of foods. It has important role as a source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in human diet, which are necessary. The present study was investigated the Phytochemicals activity, Nutritional Properties, Antibacterial Activity and hyperglycemic effect of aqueous extract of A. marmelos leaves on diabetic rats.