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Effect of Storage on Physicochemical Properties of Spiced Fish Sauce

Dagadkhair AC, Pakhare KN and Gadhave RK

The study encompasses the influence of storage on physicochemical properties of spiced sauce at ambient temperature on 15 days interval up to 60 days. The results pertaining to physicochemical properties studied on fresh day and 60 days demonstrate that the moisture content of sauce was gradually increased from (65.81 g/100 g) to (66.20 g/100 g), fat was slightly decreased from (6.20 g/100 g) to (6.08 g/100 g), protein was increased from (5.72 g/100 g) to (6.25 g/100 g), carbohydrate steadily decreased during storage time from (16.15 g/100 g) to (15.10 g/100 g), total ash was constantly between 2.88 g/100 g to 2.90 g/100 g during whole study, Salt found 3.20 g/100 g to 3.18 g/ 100 g during storage, the pH was (5.62) to (4.87), the total organic acidity was 1.05 to 1.23, TSS of sauce was slightly increased during storage was increased from fresh (21° Bx) to 60th days (23° Bx) simultaneously. And the viscosity of sauce drastically decreases with storage during study as from fresh (282.0 cP) to 60th day (260.4 cP). The results obtained reveals that change in the physicochemical properties of spiced fish sauce was due to lactic acid fermentation during storage. The dominant flora was counted on same day of chemical analysis simultaneously and the results revealed gradual increase in growth from fresh day 2.9×103 to 4.1×103 at 60th day.