Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences

Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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ISSN: 2155-9600


Effect of Colorant on Cytogenetic, Biochemical and Histochemical Parameters and Quality Changes during Storage of some Commercial Fruit Drinks

Hesham A Eissa, Mahrousa M Hassanane and Hafiza A Sharaf

In this research, several physical and chemical properties were identified for some commercial fruit drink samples (pear, cherry, strawberries and red grape) stored at 4°C for six months. Color, pigment, tannin contribution and anthocyanin analyses were done monthly. Commercial fruit drinks were ingested into mice to evaluate its influences on chromosomal aberrations and biochemical contents (glucose content, GOT and GPT). Also, the influence of these drinks on histochemical and histopathological in the liver of mice was evaluated. Statistical analyses of obtained results of studied properties revealed that the effects of storage time on L*, a*, b*, C*, H*, BI, polymeric color, color density and total anthocyanin were found to be high correlation coefficient in commercial drink. The total anthocyanin values decreased with increasing storage time in pear and strawberry drinks, but increased with increasing storage time in cherry and red grape drinks. The results show that the all commercial fruit drink caused a highly significant increase in structural chromosomal aberrations more than control. GOT and GPT activity and glucose content in both plasma and liver were also more stimulated by commercial drink. Moreover, results showed a considerable increase in all parameters compared to the control of especially the commercial fruit drink. The results were discussed with particular references to the evaluation of cytogenetic studies on fruit drink in general. In the present study, the histological examination of liver treated with commercial drink revealed liver tissue mostly normal. Also, pigment of commercial drink or food coloring agent has toxicological and histochemical harmful effects on liver.