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Development of Technology for Manufacture of Bottle Gourd Ice Cream

Barot Amit M, Suneeta Pinto and Hiral Modha

The present investigation was planned and conducted to develop a technology for the manufacture of a vegetable based “bottle gourd” ice cream. Among three varieties of bottle gourd viz. Pusa Naveen, Anand bottle gourd-1 and Pusa Summer, Pusa Naveen variety was found most suitable for manufacture of bottle gourd ice cream. The most suitable form of bottle gourd for preparation of bottle gourd ice-cream was a combination of processed sugar treated cubes and puree in ice-cream mix formulation consisting of 12.0% milk fat and 11.0% MSNF. Ice cream was prepared using a combination of selected forms viz. cubes and puree using different combination levels using a Response Surface Methodology (RSM) method to choose the best combination of forms of bottle gourd to be added to the ice cream mix. Processed bottle gourd puree was incorporated in ice cream mix and subsequently frozen, while the processed bottle gourd cubes were incorporated into the partly frozen ice cream, when drawn from the ice cream freezer. The optimized process suggested by RSM consisted of addition of cubes @ 6.85% and puree @ 4.71%. The mean score for fat (%), total solids (%), melting rate (%), ash (%) and acidity (% lactic acid) were 10.8, 37.7, 56.93, 0.87 and 0.19 respectively. The bottle gourd ice cream developed by optimized process was found to contain 3.9% protein, 303 cP (at 4°C) viscosity, 1.0962 specific gravity, 128.6 (1/10th mm) hardness, 0.126 mg/ 100 g β-carotene, 0.05% crude fibre, 0.68 mg/ 100 g Vitamin C, 0.15% calcium, 0.5% potassium and 0.16% phosphorus. Cardamom was the most preferred flavor for bottle gourd ice cream by local participants. The acceptability of developed cardamom flavored bottle gourd ice cream was at par (P>0.05) with vanilla ice cream.