Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences

Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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ISSN: 2155-9600



A Unique Formulation of Hydrogenated Curcuminoids with Higher Bio-Availability and the Application in Food Matrices

Sreeraj G, Jacob J, George R and Sreeraj TR

Hydrogenation of curcuminoids leads to a unique combination of bio active molecules and the encapsulation of the same with beta-cyclodextrin gives a higher bioequivalency than that of curcumin in animal blood plasma. A bioequivalence study of the newly developed colorless, tasteless curcumin derivative had conducted in female Sprague Dawley rats and the blood serum was analyzed by HPLC. The relative bioavailability (Cmax) of white curcumin was significantly enhanced to about 6.76 fold (576.206%) compared with that of curcumin 95% in rat when administered the test item and reference standard through oral route. The stability of the white curcumin at normal cooking temperature (120°C - 200°C) is appreciable and there is no considerable degradation in experiments before and after cooking. As this formulation doesn’t change the taste and color of the food products, it could be easily used for increasing the nutraceutical benefits.