Food and Nutritional Toxicology
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Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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Food and Nutritional Toxicology

Food, Nutrition and the Health are the three important components interlinked so exquisitely that they are inseparable to the extent that the later cannot be materialized without appropriate nutritious food. At a time when the nations of the world are crippled with obesity, type to diabetes, cardiovascular risks, strokes and mental health disorders, nourishing food plays an important role in addressing the epidemic outbreak of the health issues costing the national exchequer s dearly. 
It is equally appropriate to mention the necessity to call for a special issue on Food, nutrition and health at the regional, national and local levels in the wake of enormous changes in the lifestyles due to globalization, migration, modernization and occupational stress and strain. Several myths and apprehensions related to the type and volume of food and nutritional intake is adding further confusion, thanks due to multiplying information from the formal and informal media like medical professionals, traditional media and the proliferating digital media platforms. 
At this juncture, Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences invoke responses from the researchers, academicians, dietician, nutritionists, pharmacologists and healthcare providers to share their experiences, findings and the research output as research articles, reviews and case studies not before the 30th August 2019.
The main intention of the special issue is to dispense the myths surrounding the role food in fighting the health disorders and to create awareness on a cross section of readers.
The topics for the special Issue includes topics, not limited to;
1.Role of the nourishing food in fighting metabolic syndromes (Type-2 diabetes)
2.Food to ensure cardiac health
3.Obesity, weight loss and the role of nourishing food
4.Myths and realities surrounding diet control and nourishing food in take
5.Food to beat the occupational stress 
6.Traditional food VS processed food
7.Exploring the nutritional values of the indigenous and local food
8.Relevance of regional and seasonal food in fighting diseases.
9.Food preparation techniques in preserving the nursing values
10.Food preservatives, toxicity and health.
11.Food processing techniques that keeps nourishment intact
12.Organic food and nutritional values.
13.Food safety, security and nutrition within the reach of all.