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Advances in dairy Research

Advances in dairy Research
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A next generation delivery system of bioactive nutrients to dairy cattle for the production and optimization of new, value added, medicinal, milk products

International Dairy Meet

June 29-30, 2016 New Orleans, USA

James Templeman

University of Guelph, Canada

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Abstract :

This project takes aim at developing a novel and natural nutrient delivery system that incorporates an active ingredient (holy basil, HB) into molecular gels. These gels, or emulsions, are fed to dairy cows alongside their regular diets, and are efficiently transferred to the mammary gland, while resisting degradation during digestion. Gel creation is preformed via emulsification of a stable wax polymer and a sodium alginate (NaAlg) solution, followed by a two-tier gelation process initiated by calcium salts. The wax complex makes up 25% of the gel and is comprised of rice bran wax (2% w/v) and canola oil. It was selected based on its stability (<10% degradation) during 48 hr artificial rumen incubation. The NaAlg solution (75% of the gel) is added to the wax solution to be homogenized and emulsified, creating a low viscosity emulsification. A 9:1 solution (CaCO3:CaCl2) is then added to our emulsification at the same time as the HB. The calcium salts induce encapsulation of the HB through immediate and long-term gelation. The insoluble calcium (CaCl2) activates instantaneously, causing rapid gelation, while the insoluble calcium (CaCO3)��? activated by a drop in pH��?is triggered once the gel reaches the cow��?s acidic digestive system. The CaCO3 activation creates sustained gelation; this helps ensure the encapsulated HB survives rumination while on its way to the mammary gland for deposition. This target-specific delivery system will enhance the functional food properties of milk and can be applied to attain marketable, medicinal milk products, unique to the industry in their therapeutic qualities.

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