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Advances in dairy Research
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2021 Conference Announcement - (2019)Volume 7, Issue 4

Conference Announcement on European Summit on Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences

Ivan Andonovic

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We are pleased to welcome you to the "European Summit on Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences" after the successful completion of the series of Veterinary Congress. The congress is scheduled to take place in the beautiful city of London, UK, on July 09-10, 2020. This Euro Veterinary Conference 2020 conference will provide you with an exemplary research experience and huge ideas.

The perspective of the Veterinary Medicine Conference is to explore the research in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences and to create awareness of animals in recent years.

Veterinary medicine is the part of medication that manages the avoidance, determination and treatment of malady, issue and damage in creatures. The extent of veterinary medication is wide, covering every creature species, both trained and wild, with a wide scope of conditions which can influence diverse species.

Animal science (additionally animal bioscience) is portrayed as "concentrating the science of creatures that are under the influence of mankind”. Generally, the degree was called creature farming and the animals considered were domesticated animals species, similar to dairy cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, and steeds.

Veterinary Diseases hindrance of the typical condition of a creature that hinders or adjusts its fundamental capacities. Worry with illnesses that distress creatures dates from the most punctual human contacts with creatures and is reflected in early perspectives on religion and enchantment. Infections of creatures stay a worry chiefly due to the financial misfortunes they cause and the conceivable transmission of the causative specialists to people.

Veterinary medical procedure is medical procedure performed on creatures by veterinarians, whereby the techniques fall into three general classes: Orthopaedics (bones, joints, muscle), delicate tissue medical procedure and Neurosurgery.

To enhance the field and make people aware of it. The organizing committee decided to hold a conference. Veterinary Medicine is one of the fast growing and developing areas of Medical and Clinical Science.

People who have missed attending the past conference are most welcome to present your research ideas at the 2020 Veterinary Medicine conference. This conference will help you improve networking with eminent people in the field of medical science.






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Ivan Andonovic
Professor, Southern University of Strathclyde, UK

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