Advances in dairy Research

Advances in dairy Research
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Massimo B

Massimo B

Massimo B
Assistant Professor, Animal and Rangeland Sciences
Oregon State University, USA


He born and grew up in a dairy farm in the middle of the Alp in north Italy. Every summer since he was 5 years old (and until 19 years old) he spent his summer pasturing cows, milking cows by hand, and producing Fontina cheese. At the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Piacenza (Italy), while he was graduating in Animal Science start his love for science that brought him to start a PhD in the same university. In 2004 he got the Italian doctorate (recognized as equivalent to a PhD) in physiopathology in dairy cows. In 2005 he moved at the Pennsylvania State University for one year post-doctorate with Prof. Gabriella A Varga where he initiated his studies on peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) in dairy cows. In 2006 he moved at the University of Illinois for a post-doctorate in livestock functional nutriphysiogenomics with Prof. Juan J Loor and, in 2009 at the same institution, he started a post-doctorate investigating use of mesenchymal stem cells for maxillofacial bone regeneration with Prof. Matthew B. Wheeler. At University of Illinois he taught courses in stem cell biology and lectured in several other topics, including metabolism and anatomy. His expertise range from agricultural to biomedical science and from in vivo studies with large animals to in vitro studies using tissue and cell culture in combination with molecular biology techniques. He has an extensive interest in studying PPAR in dairy cows with the purpose to fine-tune the metabolism in order to prevent metabolic-related problems. He has large experience in functional analysis of microarray data using system biology approach. In this regard, he developed a novel tool for analysis of large transcriptomics and proteomics dataset from time course experiments denominated Dynamic Impact Approach. From November 2012 he is an Assistant Professor in Animal Science at the Oregon State University. His main research interests are nutrigenomics in ruminants cells, animal welfare, and nutrigenomics of stem cells for tissue regeneration.

Research Interest

Nutrigenomics in dairy cows:
Fine tuning the metabolism through nutrients, particularly in mammary gland, liver, and adipose tissue;
Transcriptomics and epigenomics effects of long-chain fatty acids;
Nutritional genomics during transition from pregnancy to lactation;
Welfare and management of dairy cows:
Significance and effects of inflammatory-like conditions during peripartum; Development of an integrative welfare system for dairy farms;
Relationship between management and animal welfare;
Milk nutrigenomics and human health:
Effects of milk on bone regeneration;
Nutrigenomics effect of dairy products components on mesenchymal stem cells;