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Journal of Antivirals & Antiretrovirals
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Hongzhou Lu

Hongzhou Lu

Hongzhou Lu
Department of Infectious Diseases, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Centre


Dr. Hongzhou Lu is the director in the Department of Infectious Diseases, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center affiliated to Fudan University, Shanghai, China and the Director of Shanghai HIV/AIDS diagnostic and treatment center. He earned his PhD at Shanghai Medical University, China. Currently he is a Professor at Fudan University. He has published more than 100 reviewed papers and he is the author of 3 books. He is also an expert consultant to The Ministry of Health for HIV/AIDS, China and a member of Chinese Society of Infectious Disease and American Infectious disease and AIDS Society. He served as a reviewer of peer-reviewed journals in the area of infectious diseases. He organized the Clinical Microbiology AIDS Opportunistic Infection Symposium. He has received many awards like The Second Prize of Shanghai Scientific Technical Achievement, The 10th Silver Snake Advanced Worker and Mingzhi Dairy Industry Life Science Prize Shanghai Science Technique Committee.

Research Interest

The research of Dr. Lu mainly focuses on HIV/AIDS and its associated opportunistic infections. He has done research on emerging infectious disease including H1N1 influenza.