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International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology
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Buddy D. Elf

Saint Nicholas Arctic Research Station, North Pole, AK, USA

  • Short Communication   
    Naughty or nice? A retrospective review of global child behavior
    Author(s): Mattan Schlomi*, Kris Kringle and Buddy D. Elf

    Background A debate in child psychology, both academic and among parents, is on the ideal ratio of punishment on reward, and whether or not child development into a fully-functional and well-adjusted adult depends more on using negative reinforcement to correct bad behavior or positive reinforcement to reward good behavior. Retrospective reviews using large datasets had not yet been done, with most data involving small sample sizes. Methods In the largest study of child behavior to date, the ratio of time when awake spent engaging in “nice” or “naughty” behavior is correlated to various dimensions of the life of a child. Results Children on the whole spend less than 10% of their day being “naughty,” regardless of whether they receive punitive or positive reinforcement, and irrespective of facto.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2469-3837.22.9.005

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