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Zofia Mariak

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    Significance of Atropine in Preventing Myopia Progression in Children
    Author(s): Emil Saeed, Joanna Konopinska and Zofia MariakEmil Saeed, Joanna Konopinska and Zofia Mariak

    School myopia is the most commonly encountered form of myopia. In its progression, the visual near and far point are drawn toward the eye as a result of the accommodation constriction and increased convergence tension. This leads to accommodation deficiency during near work, to binocularism, and to macropsia. In consequence, visual acuity is reduced, and the range of distinct vision is restricted. There are reports of the effectiveness of administering 1.0% atropine to the conjunctival sac in order to reduce progression of low and medium myopia. The mechanism of this preventive action is still uncertain and not fully understood. It is probably based on removing chronic ciliary muscle tension. Although results of research on this subject are promising, the approach of ophthalmologists and patients to such treatment remains cautious. Is such an approach justified? .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9570.1000457

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