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Zeng WS

Zeng WS
Academy of Forest Inventory and Planning,
SFA, Beijing 100714

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    Developing One-variable Individual Tree Biomass Models based on Wood Density for 34 Tree Species in China
    Author(s): Zeng WSZeng WS

    Forest ecosystem is the largest carbon bank on land, and biomass models will be essential basis for evaluating carbon sequestration capacity of forests. Based on the general biomass model M=0.3pD7/3 presented by Zeng and Tang, one-variable individual tree aboveground biomass models for all 34 tree species or groups in China were established using the data of wood basic density of all tree species published; and based on the mensuration data of the National Forest Biomass Modeling Program, the aboveground biomass models of 14 tree species or genera were validated. Additionally, compatible belowground biomass models and root-to-shoot ratio models for two species groups, coniferous and broadleaved, were developed and evaluated. The results showed that the averages of absolute relative errors of above- and below-ground biomass estimates from one-variable biomass models developed in this s.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9776.1000217

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