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Yi Z

Yi Z


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    Effects of Soil on Degradation of Robinia pseudoacacia Forests in the Yellow River Delta in China
    Author(s): Hong W, Claire D, Yu Z, Yin S, Yu L and Yi ZHong W, Claire D, Yu Z, Yin S, Yu L and Yi Z

    Soil quality has significant importance for the growth and sustainability of plants. However, due to the variability and diversity of soil characteristics, many trees suffered death according to their confrontation degree. Over the past several decades, Robinia pseudoacacia forests in the Yellow River delta of China, lose health and died without an obvious cause. This study focuses on evaluating the role of soil characteristics (moisture content, soil salinity content, soil bulk density, soil texture (the percentages of soil sand, soil silt, and soil clay) and pH value on the deterioration of health level of Robinia pseudoacacia forests in the area. To do so, three health levels such as healthy, medium dieback, and severe dieback forest were firstly classified based on the United States Department of Agriculture Forestry Bureau of crown condition classification guide and in situ surve.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9776.1000182

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