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Umer Ilyas

Umer Ilyas
National college of business administration and economics,

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    Unfolding White Collar Criminal Instinct: A Case Study about White Collar Criminal from Pakistan
    Author(s): Umer IlyasUmer Ilyas

    The objective of the study is to examine the dynamic linkage between instinct and white collar crimes. Unfoldingkey factors which effect criminal behaviour is at the heart of criminology. Over the period of time it is now worldwideaccepted that the financial cost and physical harm caused by white collar crimes is much more than the impact ofstreet crimes on any society. Studies have provided substantial evidence about society’s concerns about white collarcrimes. Laws were formulated for penalizing white collar criminals, but the area which still needs much of in depthstudy is about understanding instinct of white collars criminals. It is always suggested to be proactive rather thanreactive. By unfolding instincts of these criminals’ societies can have awareness before time from future financialand physical losses. The current study aims to guide researchers in unfolding wh.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2161-0487.1000345

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