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Adult Bipolar Disorder: Mixed features

 Following the release of the DSM-5 specifiers for either (bipolar) depression and mania with “mixed features”, the shift from the previous conceptualization of “mixed states” lead to a major change of both the clinical and research practice. Nonetheless, a number of issues are still to be addressed, as pointed out by an increasing number of research papers becoming available on the topi within the last two years or so. This is with a special emphasis towards bipolar depression with mixed features, whereas the actual clinical validity of the DSM-5-defined “mixed specifiers” has been questioned by some authors in recent times. Indeed, additional insights on such a sensitive issue are needed. Therefore, the Journal of Bipolar Disorder: Open Access welcomes also submissions of both primary and secondary research contributes dealing on the topic of mixed features, both in course of mania or bipolar depression.

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